U.S Calls Polar Bear Threatened: Now It’s Canada’s Turn

Polar Bears
Less time hunting on sea ice decreases a polar bear's ability to reproduce.Send a Letter Today!

In 2008 the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service issued its decision to list the polar bear as "threatened" under the Endangered Species Act.

Now it’s Canada’s turn.

The polar bear is not yet listed under Canada’s Species At Risk Act (SARA), despite the fact that more than half of the world’s polar bears are found in Canada. The scientific committee that examines species at risk has called polar bears a species "of special concern" in Canada since 1991.

Tell Minister of the Environment Peter Kent to add the polar bear to Canada’s official Species at Risk List! Send a Letter Now!

Global warming is melting the polar ice caps, robbing the bears of the ice floes they need to hunt prey. As the annual sea ice melts, polar bears are forced ashore to spend their summers fasting. If the Arctic ice cap continues to melt sooner and form later, polar bears will become too thin to reproduce and many scientists predict they will become extinct by the end of this century.

Canada must not only list the polar bear, but address the greenhouse gas emissions that are directly contributing to the decline of the polar bear.

Tell Canada’s Government the best way we can ensure polar bears are protected from global warming is to pass strong global warming legislation!

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