Northern Gateway Final Presentation 

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Later this month, Nature Canada will make our final arguments to the Panel examining the Northern Gateway Pipeline hearing in British Columbia. This will be our last chance -- and yours -- to convince the Panel that the Northern Gateway Pipeline should not go ahead because the risks to nature are just too high.

As you may remember, the Northern Gateway Pipeline would carry tar sands oil from Alberta to the BC coast. Straight through the Great Bear Rainforest, home to the endangered spirit bear. Endangered whales will share the waters with giant oil tankers. And the threat of oil spills looms over 29 Important Bird Areas (IBAs).

With the support of our members, Nature Canada has raised our voice for nature at these hearings. Here are just a few of the highlights our experts have shared:
  • Our iconic and endangered woodland caribou would have their habitat fragmented and destroyed.
  • Increased shipping traffic a tanker larger than the Empire State Building will ram through these waters every other day means increased risk of a devastating oil spill.
  • Enbridge used 'weak science', presenting scientific literature that is limited and biased. Even their lawyer was forced to concede this point.
  • Enbridge's arguments about how oil spills "could create economic spin offs" stunned our experts, the courtroom and our country.
Our Nature Canada members stood with us as we uncovered their weak science related to the endangered woodland caribou and how increased shipping traffic will affect marine birds and wildlife.

Your special gift today will help us prepare for the final stage in these hearings.

When you move oil, you spill oil. It's not a question of if a spill will occur it's a question of when. And species will not "inevitably recover."

Please, give before the end of June to raise your voice with Nature Canada. This is still a fight we need to win.