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As you may know, the Northern Gateway Pipeline would carry tar sands oil from Alberta to the BC coast. Straight through the Great Bear Rainforest, home to the endangered spirit bear. Endangered whales will share the waters with giant oil tankers. And 30 Important Bird Areas (IBAs) will be impacted! (See map).

Nature Canada is an official intervener in this case, and at hearings under way right now, our experts will present their findings, answer questions from Enbridge's lawyers, and ask our own questions. It costs Nature Canada $5,000 to fund the travel, accommodation and preparation of our experts.

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For months, Enbridge has been trying to make the case that the Northern Gateway project poses little threat to the pristine wilderness of British Columbia, even as they attempt to explain spills like the one in Michigan’s Kalamazoo River.

At the hearings, Enbridge has concluded that the Northern Gateway project would have minimal impact on marine birds and other wildlife but Nature Canada has 3 witnesses here to present the true picture.

Two are leaders in marine bird studies and the other is an expert on woodland caribou. They will argue that Enbridge's proposal fails to measure the risks posed to our cherished wildlife, risks like an impossible-to-rule-out oil spill, massive increases in tanker traffic, and the fragmentation of vital wildlife habitat.

You might think that our 3 witnesses against a giant multinational corporation would be intimidating. But it's not. Yes, we've got a formidable opponent, but we've got a strong case, the truth on our side, and the support of members like you from across Canada.

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We'll keep you informed about the hearings as they continue. This is a fight we need to win.