Conservation Team Report 

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A few weeks ago I stopped by one of Conservation Team meetings to hear the latest updates and news, and they shared this report with me afterwards.

It outlines Nature Canada’s action plan for the year ahead – including the recent good news on Suffield National Wildlife Area, our growing movement of ‘citizen scientists’, and our urgent priorities like insisting on the best possible protection for endangered species and their habitats.

I decided to post it online today. You can read it here. Because it’s not just for me. It’s for members like you…and indeed for all of us. Nature Canada cannot do what we do without our members and supporters – concerned citizens who stand together and raise our voices for nature.

We must stop the alarming slashing and cutting of our environmental laws and policies. Our government is turning its sights to endangered species legislation and we must insist on the best protection for our most important wildlife.

There is so much at stake for nature in Canada. And the next few months are critical.

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Yours in Nature,

Ian Davidson
Executive Director