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Clean water. Fresh air. Protected wilderness. Abundant wildlife.

Canadians like you and me need to stand up for our environmental laws because we value and cherish nature. And, because these laws directly impact our lives and our health. Once again, our environmental laws are under threat—and you can do something about it.

We’ve just learned that we will be participating in the environmental review for the new Trans Mountain Pipeline. This massive project will expand a 1,156 km pipeline stretching from Edmonton to Vancouver, allowing a U.S. oil company to triple production and ship nearly 1 million barrels of tar sands oil under our communities and through our wilderness every single day. And the tanker traffic in Vancouver’s harbour will grow from 5 giant tankers per month to more than 1 per day.

The scope of this project is huge. And the risks are potentially devastating. An oil spill—either in one of our communities or in the pristine wilderness—would be devastating. Nature Canada and BC Nature are standing up to be your voice for nature—just as we did in the Northern Gateway Pipeline hearings. 

And right now we are asking all our members and supporters to make your special gift to help us prepare for the preliminary hearings. We urgently need to research species and ecosystems in the area and analyze the specific risks to their health—and ours! 

Your support will help us connect with marine ecologists to learn about the impacts on Vancouver’s beloved delta and coast. And we’ll connect with bird ecologists and local naturalists to learn more about the impacts on wildlife. There are 4 Important Bird Areas in the oil tanker shipping routes, home to seabirds, shorebirds, marine raptors and marine waterfowl, and includes threatened species like our Peregrine Falcon and our Great Blue Heron. 

In fact the main oil tanker shipping route runs directly through Boundary Bay—possibly  Canada’s most important ecosystem for migrant and wintering shorebirds. 

As Canada’s voice for nature, we must stand up when nature is under threat. And it’s all the more critical, given that we’ve seen our government continue to weaken laws designed to ensure that industrial projects are environmentally sustainable.

Your gift is urgently needed! Your support will help us prepare for the Trans Mountain hearings, and help us continue to pressure our government to protect—not gut—our environmental laws. 

Please, give today!