Northern Gateway Final Presentation 

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As you may have heard, a report called the State of the World's Birds was recently released. Nature Canada was instrumental in the development of the first ever State of Canada's Birds Report last year, and here are some of the facts from our report:

  • On average, Canadian bird populations have declined by 12%
  • Aerial insectivores (birds that catch insects in flight such as the purple martin) have declined by a staggering 64%
  • Grassland birds such as the eastern meadowlark have declined by 45% (with some species declining more than 90%) most likely caused by loss of breeding and winter habitat

As a member of the Nature Canada community, and someone who loves nature, you must find these statistics as alarming as I do. Please make a gift today towards our efforts to protect birds at risk.

But the Report also gives us a blueprint for action. And at Nature Canada, we are defined by our actions and our impact. The Report clearly shows that targeted conservation initiatives have produced inspiring and meaningful successes to help at-risk species.

Birds of prey are recovering. Hawks, eagles and falcons populations have increased an average of 70%. Many waterfowl species have increased too averaging 45%.

Furthermore, the Report clearly shows that "citizen scientists" our talented volunteer birders who monitor the health of birds in their area provide critical data on the health of birds and their environments. Nature Canada members are taking action in their communities and through gifts that result in tangible recoveries for birds in Canada.

Will you make a special gift to Nature Canada today to support our ongoing work to protect vulnerable birds and other species? Your support will allow us to develop more targeted conservation initiatives for more at-risk species in your community and across Canada.