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Is Science Endangered?

Hi Friend,

Is science endangered?

If you've been following the news lately, you may be wondering.

You may remember last spring's Bill C-38, the omnibus budget bill with sweeping changes to our system of environmental laws to fast-track projects like the Northern Gateway Pipeline. We decried the gutting of our environmental laws for one simple reason: they put us all at increased risk from rushed industrial projects.

But, we now see that it was just the beginning. The role of science has been greatly reduced when it comes to making informed policy decisions about energy, the economy and the environment. Other examples include:

  • Canadian Environmental Assessment Act has been gutted and rewritten
  • Funding eliminated for the PEARL Arctic research centre
  • Ability to fast-track development projects like the Northern Gateway Pipeline to carry tar sands oil
We expect the federal government to safeguard our families and nature from pollution, toxic contamination and other environmental threats. We deserve strong environmental laws based on science, not politics.

Now they’ve got their sights on the Species At Risk Act. We are calling on all our members to stand with us and protect wildlife in Canada.

Nature Canada members take action every day to protect the nature we cherish so much. Your actions in your community are connected across your province and right across our country. More than ever before, nature's voice in Canada is coming from concerned citizens like you and me.

Please make a special gift to Nature Canada. Your gift will help us hold our leaders accountable for decisions they are making that affect our environment today and into the future. Together, we'll continue to push for stronger, not weaker environmental laws. Science will never be endangered in Canada, as long as you, me and our neighbours stay connected with our natural world and continue to support Nature Canada.

Yours for nature,
Ian Davidson Ian Davidson

Ian Davidson
Executive Director
Nature Canada

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