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May 2012

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Welcome Home Birds!
To celebrate the return of our migratory birds, communities from coast to coast have been busy this month hosting events from bird walks to birding festivals. Migratory bird traffic reports, movie screenings and birding marathons are some of the events that have taken place in Canada to celebrate International Migratory Bird Day. Here are a few from Ontario!
Birding marathon in Point Pelee
Migratory Bird Traffic Reports on the CBC
Birding at an Important Bird Area

Piping Plovers Return to Ontario
For the sixth season, piping plovers have returned to Sauble Beach, Ontario. Kim and Brendan Toews, piping plover guardians, send in their first report this year with an update on the piping plover volunteer training program.
More on piping plovers

Linking Communities Through Bird Conservation
Nature Canada has teamed up with Nature Saskatchewan and Chaplin Tourism to protect key bird species that the southern Saskatchewan Important Bird Areas of Chaplin, Reed and Old Wives Lakes share with the Great Salt Lake in Utah and the Marismas Nacionales in Mexico. The initiative is part of BirdLife International’s Linking Communities program, which links communities in all three countries to promote effective conservation of migratory bird actions across state boundaries. 
Linking communities


Black Out Speak Out
It’s time to speak out. The government’s proposed changes to Canada’s environmental laws threaten to slash and gut the country’s most important environmental measures while silencing Canadians who want to defend them. Join BlackOutSpeakOut , a campaign led by charitable organizations including Nature Canada, that calls on all Canadians to speak out in defence of two core Canadian values: nature and democracy. Join the thousands who refuse to be silenced. Speak out on June 4!
What You Can Do
BONUS: See Who’s Joined Our Campaign So Far


Grizzly Bear Assessed As Endangered
The western population of grizzly bear – an iconic Canadian symbol of wilderness – was listed as a species of Special Concern in the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada’s latest assessment of endangered species. Released earlier this month, COSEWIC’s assessment includes a marine bird that is threatened by the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline and a host of other animals, bringing the total of endangered species up to 650.
More on endangered species


From Toxic By-Product to Recycled Material
Can mine waste be recycled? Yes, under the right conditions – and this could change the way the industry disposes of its toxic waste. In a guest blog post, José Gutiérrez-Gutiérrez explores one possibility – recycling mine waste through a process that reduces the carbon footprint of producing concrete. Sound complicated? It doesn’t have to be. José explains how turning a toxic by-product into a revenue stream could benefit both the mining industry and the environment.
Another fate for mine waste


Win Canada’s Ultimate Family Adventure
 Only two weeks remain to enter My Parks Pass’ contest to win four days of family fun at Niagara-on-the-Lake historic sites. If you are a Grade 8/Secondary 2 student who received a 2012-2013 My Parks Pass, simply enter the VIP code on the back of your pass at for a chance to win this once in a lifetime family trip.
Enter now


A Lifetime of Love for Nature
A dedicated conservationist, Audrey Wilson has an infectious passion and enthusiasm for the natural world. Over the past six decades, Audrey has earned numerous awards for her many contributions to the cause of conservation and wildlife management. Her generous support for Nature Canada has connected children to nature and inspired them to become environmental stewards.
For the love of nature

In Memoriam
Dr. Martin Edwards is remembered by his colleague, friend, and fellow naturalist Dr. John Cartwright in a letter that celebrates a lifetime of immense leadership and volunteer efforts in the conservation community.  An avid birder, Dr. Edwards served as President of various organizations, including  the Kingston Field Naturalists, Ontario Naturalists and Canadian Nature Federation (Nature Canada). Dr. Edwards will be remembered for his enthusiasm, humour, good will and his wealth of knowledge about birds which he was always ready to share with others.
In memory of Dr. Martin Edwards

Photo of the Month
Signs of spring in the Yukon come in colourful purples and yellows. This month, we celebrate the plants and flowers that bring us joy this season.
May Photo of the Month

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