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March 2012

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Show Your Love for Lakes!
Canada Water Week may have ended on Monday, but we’re still mad about water! That’s why we want you to tell us about your favourite lake or water body. Sign the Love My Lake Declaration and tells us why your chosen lake or water body is special to you!
Show Your Love for Water

Lake Killing Made Easy
Award-winning author Allan Casey takes aim at a little-known loop hole in the Fisheries Act that allows mining companies to turn pristine lakes into waste dumps. In an opinion article first published in the Tyee, Allan offers his views on this emerging trend in mining.
Read the op-ed
PLUS: Water footprint of mining industry

Living by Water: Spring Edition
Water runoff and muddy driveways are a reminder that spring is here for many waterfront property owners. Protect your investment and the environment with these helpful maintenance tips.
Read the guide


Newfoundland Adds IBA Caretakers
Welcome Julie Cappleman and Dave Shepherd! As Important Bird Area Caretakers, Julie and Dave are the eyes, ears and hands on the ground at two IBAs on Newfoundland’s rugged southeastern coast. They join a network of over 200 volunteers who watch over and protect important bird habitat. Find out what inspired them to join the network.
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Boreal Forest: Bird Nursery of the North
In the spring, billions of birds migrate to the Boreal forest to breed. What brings them north? The Boreal forest’s thousands of waterways and wetlands provide the ideal habitat for nesting, breeding and feeding. Learn about the importance of water for sustaining bird life in the Boreal forest.
Boreal Birds
PLUS: Watch and listen to Boreal birds in Moose Factory, Ontario

A National Icon Faces Declining Population
Reporting from the west coast of Canada, Kerry Finley shares his observations of a declining population of common loons in Shoal Harbour Migratory Bird Sanctuary. An Important Bird Area Caretaker, Kerry knows the area well and has been conducting bird surveys for many years.
Common Loons in Decline


Nature Canada Receives Gold Leaf Award
We are honored to accept the Canadian Council on Ecological Areas Gold Leaf award for our efforts to conserve wildlife habitat in Canada. Alex MacDonald, manager of protected areas, was on hand to accept the award at the Council’s annual conference in Ottawa last month.
Gold Leaf Award

We're proud to announce the winners of the Canada's Coolest School Trip Contest! Congratulations to the grade 8 class from Montague, PEI, who will be travelling to Banff National Park to experience all of the wonders and the beauty of our beloved Canadian Rockies.
Watch the winning video


Add Your Nature Photos to the Pool!
Share your passion for nature add your photos of nature and wildlife to Nature Canada’s Flickr pool. Tag your photos with “POM” to enter our Photo of the Month contest. Runners up will be posted to Nature Canada’s Facebook page and tweeted at @NatureCanada.
Join Nature Canada Flickr Group

Spring Tips to Green Your Home
Living green can be easier than you think. Follow these eco-friendly tips to help promote a healthy and clean environment right at home.
Green Tips

Photo of the Month
If you spot a blur of beating wings near your feeder, there’s a good chance it is one of these marvelous birds.
March Photo of the Month

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